Digital mailbox service Kivra is first to introduce PSD2 account payment to Finland

Press release

The Kivra digital mailbox service that is used by over 3.5 million people in Sweden will arrive in Finland in the wake of the PSD2 directive. The service enables companies to quickly boost the efficiency of their invoicing and is an easy way for people to replace paper documents with more environmentally friendly choices. Kivra’s principal owners in Finland are Kivra AB, Telia Company and Resurs Bank.


Every year, half a billion documents are sent to private individuals by Finnish companies, public administration and other organisations. About 60% of these are still sent as paper documents, even though digital services would save money, boost the efficiency of processes and considerably reduce the environmental burden.

The new Kivra digital mailbox service aims to reduce paper mail transactions by a third from the current level within a couple of years. Kivra is the first provider in Finland to offer online payments enabled by the PSD2 Payment Services Directive directly from a personal bank account without a separate payment card. These payments can already be made from accounts at Nordea, OP, S-Pankki and Danske Bank, and the other banks will follow in the spring.

“Firstly, we want to help Finns wave goodbye to impractical paper and email invoices. Additionally, with Kivra one can receive messages from companies, archive important documents, share management of money matters with family members. Our goal is to become the number one digital mailbox service in Finland”, says Miika Salo, CEO of Kivra Oy.

“We hope that the effortlessness of Kivra will inspire as many people as possible to switch their paper invoices to a new, environmentally friendly option.”

Tuire Mäkelä, Telia’s Head of Commercial Payment Solutions

A number of large companies that send paper or email invoices to a total of 1.5 million customers are joining Kivra right from the beginning. One of these invoicing companies is Telia Finland, which will start communicating their customers about the new digital payment option from next week onwards. 

“Kivra is an excellent example of new digital services helping us manage our daily lives. Even though the majority of our customers already receive their invoices digitally, we still send out over four million paper invoices annually. We hope that the effortlessness of Kivra will inspire as many people as possible to switch their paper invoices to a new, environmentally friendly option”, says Tuire Mäkelä, Telia’s Head of Commercial Payment Solutions.  

Kivra started operations in Sweden in 2011 and is today the market leader in digital services in the country, with over 3.5 million users and 20,000 organisations sending messages through the service. In Sweden, Kivra is used by companies as well as public administrations, such as the tax authorities, health services and the police.

The owners of Kivra Oy are Kivra AB, Telia Company and Resurs Bank. The service’s partners include invoicing operators Ropo Capital, PostNord Strålfors and CGI, which handle the implementation of the service on behalf of the sender companies. Other invoicing operators will also be joining the service.

Kivra in a nutshell
  • Kivra is a digital mailbox service for interaction between companies and consumers.
  • With Kivra you can receive, process and archive invoices and other documents digitally and securely, while saving natural resources.
  • Kivra is the first service in Finland to make payments according to the PSD2 directive from a personal bank account available to consumers.
  • Kivra notifies users of new invoices and reminds them of upcoming due dates. Old invoices can easily be found in the invoicer-specific archive.
  • The owners of Kivra Oy are Kivra AB, Telia Company and Resurs Bank. Kivra Oy was established in 2018. The service will be launched in February 2020.
  • Kivra is the world’s first digital mailbox service to receive Climate Positive certification for its work to benefit the climate (
  • Kivra was voted the second most purposeful digital brand in Sweden by consumers in 2019 (Lynexeu, Purposeful Brands study).

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