User Account and registration

What are the different login methods to Kivra?

Username & password + one-time-password (SMS) Biometric login method (fingerprint ID or facial recognition)The biometric login method can be enabled in the Kivra feature section Bank credentials or Mobile IDThe bank credential login can be done via the “Forgot your password”?

My phone number changed — How can I login to Kivra now?

You can login to you Kivra by using bank credentials or Mobile ID. This can be done on the login page via “Forgot password”? Once you have logged in, the phone number can be edited in the Settings — My contact details.

What are my responsibilities as a user of the service?

As a user, you have signed up for the service and will receive your documents in Kivra from senders that have chosen Kivra as their distribution channel. You are responsible for processing the electronic documents that you receive in Kivra, in the same manner as you are responsible for processing your regular mail. For example,

How can I sign up for Kivra?

You can sign up for Kivra at or by downloading the Kivra app. There are no fees for using Kivra! You can sign up through strong digital authentication – that is, using your online banking credentials or Mobile ID. We will obtain your name, address and personal identity code from the Population Register Centre.

I’m not able to login to Kivra. What should I do?

We recommend that you check that the Kivra mobile app is up-to-date. There is also other login options — Login in with bank credentials or Mobile ID. This login method can be done via the “Forgot password” that can be found at the login page. The Kivra service works also on a web platform, so

Does the use of Kivra service cost anything?

Kivra is free of charge for its users. Kivra does not charge a fee for paying invoices.

How can I share my Kivra with another person?

In Kivra, you can give people close to you access to your inbox. A share is one-way, and you can cancel it anytime at settings. You can grant a full access or share just senders of your choice. You can also share your own documents. With whom can I share my Kivra? You can share