Only 3 steps and you are ready to start sending with Kivra


Contact Kivra

Becoming a sender with Kivra is fast and easy. Contact us first to set up a meeting with us and with the invoice operator your company work with. The adoption of Kivra does not require separate integration.


Inform your company's customer service and employees for the new service

We work together with you to ensure that the adoption of our service runs smoothly at each stage. We will provide training to your employees who work at the customer interface and will help with customer communication.


Let's start sending with Kivra and activate your customer to take Kivra in use

We will help your company to provide information about the new service to your customers via multiple channels. The materials you need for providing information are easily available in our material bank.

Kivra is a secure and climate friendly service and company

Kivra is a secure, free and easy-to-use service for interaction between companies and consumers. You can use Kivra to receive invoices and pay them directly from your bank account, in addition to storing important documents. For companies, Kivra offers an easy way to digitize operations and improve the customer experience.

Our operations are based on the European Union’s Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2), which makes it possible to offer new types of services to consumers and companies. For example, you can now use third-party services to pay invoices from your bank account. We seek to provide our customers with the best service experience on the market.

We would like to meet you

By enabling your customers to choose Kivra, your company will reduce its invoicing expenses and carbon footprint, in addition to improving customer retention. In Kivra, your company is present in its customers’ daily lives. Ask us to contact you, and we will get back to you shortly.