Accessibility policy

The policy has been updated on June 23rd 2021 (translated to English on July 1st 2021)

This accessibility policy concerns all the mobile applications of Kivra Oy used in Finland. The policy was created on June 23rd 2021. The evaluation of the applications has been completed outside of Kivra by an external specialist organization.

The policy concerns the following applications: Kivra iOS 3.4.0 and newer versions, Android 1.2.9 (and newer versions).

The accessibility status:

The mobile applications of Kivra Oy fulfills the majority of the accessibility criterias. Our goal is to fix the insufficient parts of the accessibility during the year 2022.

Content that is possibly non-accessible

There were three areas that were found to be insufficient in the accessibility evaluation

Horizontal view

There might appear some issues in the use of the horizontal view (Android) or it doesn’t work at all (iOS). This insufficiency needs to be thoroughly renewed and we aim to have whis area finalized during the year 2022. (See: WCAG 2.1 AA: distinguishable / 1.3.4, position)

Missing alternative texts

The alternative texts (for the screen reader) might be missing in some views. We will fill the missing texts during the year 2021. (See WCAG 2.1 AA: distinguishable/ 1.1.1, non-text content) 

The enlarged text

The tool for enlarging texts is not working properly in all the views of the operating system. We are constantly working on developing our support of the text enlarger. We are going to fix the mentioned things during the year 2021. (See WCAG 2.1 AA: understandable / 3.2.4 consistent identification)

Other things to notice

Documents that are sent to the service

Some of the documents that are sent to the service might be, as they are, non-accessible content. The content in question is delivered to the Service by a third party, therefore Kivra as a service cannot affect the format of the content or the way it is delivered. (See WCAG 2.1 AA: so called unreasonable burden)


If you notice some lack of accessibility in our applications, please contact us first as a service-provider via email on We answer the feedback within 14 days if you have mentioned your contact information. If you are not happy with the answer or you don’t get an answer within 14 days you can contact the Regional State Administrative Agency of South Finland.

On the website of South Finland’s Regional State Administrative Agency they tell how you can proceed with the notification.


Contact information Kivra:

Contact information Regional State Administrative Agency:

Regional State Administrative Agency of South Finland (Etelä-Suomen aluehallintovirasto)
Control unit of the accessibility (Saavutettavuuden valvonnan yksikkö)
0295 016 000