Offer your customers a responsible and easy-to-use digital mail service

Kivra is a digital mail service for digital interaction between companies and consumers. Our goal is to build sustainable, responsible and accessible digital ecosystem cooperation with private and public sector operators in Finland.

Every document delivered through the service reduces your company’s carbon footprint while also making the supply chain quicker and more cost-effective.

Kivra was established in Sweden, where the service has 4,5 million users, with more than 50,000 companies, organisations and municipalities sending digital post through the service.

Kivra supports companies’ strategies towards responsible digital services

Through Kivra, you can send your customers all the documents you would otherwise send them by regular post or email. A digital post service is a secure and quick channel to deliver mail electronically to customers. At the same time, it strengthens the customer relationship and brand image.

Through Kivra, you can send, for example, the following documents as climate positive digital post:

  • Agreements and confirmations
  • Letters
  • Invoices and payment reminders
  • Warranty receipts
  • Payslips

Integrate a digital mail service into your company’s service paths and communication

Kivra Campaigns enables you to transform documents from cost items or passive mail into active digital mail that strengthens and enriches the customer relationship. Each digital document is a new bridge between your company and customers.

Among other features, Kivra Campaigns includes the following:

  • A branded front page for your company
  • Active banners in connection with digital document
  • A Smart Documents service package

Safe and accessible digital mail

Kivra enables you to send safe and accessible digital mail to your customers. Kivra’s operations are guided by the GDPR and data privacy. The users of the service own their data and all the content they upload to Kivra. Kivra can be used in browser and mobile versions, and its ease of use makes it suitable for people of all ages, regardless of their digital skills.

Invoices paid correctly and on time

Kivra enables users to pay their invoices correctly and on time. Invoices are paid directly from a bank account through PSD2 interfaces, without separate payment cards or transfer dates. DIgitally sent invoices and documents are delivered safely and quickly without intermediaries or long supply chains.

A climate responsible choice

Kivra’s digital post is good for the climate as it reduces adverse climate impacts caused by paper mail and its delivery. In addition, we have compensated for 110% of the adverse climate impacts arising from the use and production of our service. Mail delivered through Kivra is 110% climate positive.

Strengthen the customer experience

With Kivra, all interactions with a customer strengthen the company’s brand image and customer relationship, meaning that invoices become a form of positive interaction. Kivra Campaigns sender services enable you to turn even traditional digital mail into an interactive part of the customer path.

Calculate how many trees digital post saves

In Finland, approximately one billion documents are sent to consumers each year. Paper transactions still account for more than 50% of this. Switching to digital mail comprehensively protects the climate and supports your company’s climate strategy. Use our climate calculator to calculate how many trees digital mail can save.

Fill in the number of paper invoices* per year
0.5 tCO2e
9 trees saved
2215 kilometers by car
* 1 invoice consists of 3 A4 pages
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Use Kivra to send warranty receipts as digital mail to your customers

When you send warranty receipts as digital mail through Kivra, your customer is one step closer to starting a new service path. Warranty receipts are archived automatically by company, and each receipt delivered enables the customer to reuse your company’s services with ease.

Contact us for more information to deliver warranty receipts to your customers as digital mail through Kivra. No more fuss about missing warranty receipts!

Payslips to employees through easy and accessible digital mail

You can make your company’s payslips easily accessible to employees by delivering them as digital mail through Kivra.

In Kivra, electronic payslips:
*Are archived in your company’s branded folder
*Are part of employee communication and building your employer brand
*Are available to your employees, even after the employment has ended

Taking Kivra into use is quick and easy for companies and organisations

Kivra is easy to adopt, either through an existing invoicing partner or through a direct interface with Kivra. We will help you introduce the service to your customers through customised communication, and will also inform your employees about the new service.

We have received positive feedback on our service model from companies that have adopted Kivra.

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By enabling your customers to choose Kivra, your company will reduce its invoicing expenses and carbon footprint, in addition to improving customer retention. In Kivra, your company is present in its customers’ daily lives. Ask us to contact you, and we will get back to you shortly.