Kivra – About the company

Kivra – About the company

Kivra – About the company

More than 500 million paper documents and invoices are sent in Finland each year. This is something that Kivra wants to change. By providing a secure digital service, we make people’s daily lives easier and companies’ operations more efficient, as well as saving natural resources.

Kivra is a secure, free and easy-to-use service for interaction between companies and consumers. You can use Kivra to receive invoices and pay them directly from your bank account, in addition to storing important documents. For companies, Kivra offers an easy way to digitize operations and improve the customer experience.

Kivra’s success story began in Sweden in 2011. Today, Kivra has 5 million users in Sweden, with more than 70,000 companies and public organizations sending digital post through the service.   

Kivra has launched in Finland in February 2020. Its principal owners in Finland are Telia Company, Resurs Bank and Kivra AB.

million users
70 000
countries: Sweden & Finland
million sent documents

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Ilari Abdeen


Tony Träskelin

Marketing and Communications

Maija Leivo

A digital service based on the PSD2

Our operations are based on the European Union’s Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2), which makes it possible to offer new types of services to consumers and companies. For example, you can now use third-party services to pay invoices from your bank account. We seek to provide our customers with the best service experience on the market.

Top-level security

All our operations are based on information security and data protection. We use strong digital authentication in our service, and all data is encrypted. Our servers are located in Finland and other EU countries. We do not sell our customer data or disclose data to unauthorised parties.

An easy way to help the climate

Here at Kivra, we work to provide consumers and companies with an easy way to reduce their carbon footprint. More than 500 million paper invoices are still sent in Finland annually. Each of these invoices could be sent digitally.
By no longer using paper needlessly, each one of us can reduce our carbon footprint by 0.5%. (Sitra, 28 June 2017)

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