Receive digital mail

Do you dream of one place where you could receive digitally both invoices and other documents?

  • Once you have registered to Kivra you will start to automatically receive all your mail digitally from those companies that are connected to Kivra and from which you have previously received the mail via paper- or email.
  • You will always be notified about a new received digital mail via a push-notification and an email.

Take Kivra in use

It takes only a little moment to take Kivra in use. After the registration the login to the service will be done with a code that you receive on your phone. A fingerprint identification can be alternatively installed as a login method.

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  • 1 Download the Kivra app on your phone. You can also use the Kivra service on a web browser.
  • 2 Create your own Kivra ID. You only need the online bank codes or mobile ID.
  • 3 After the registration you will start to receive your invoices and other documents via Kivra. The use of the Kivra service is completely cost free.
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Receive your event tickets from Tiketti as digital mail to Kivra

Download the Kivra app to your phone and you will receive all new and also previous, still valid event tickets purchased from Tiketti delivered to Kivra. You will receive your purchased event tickets automatically during one day.

Pay invoices

Take care of your invoice payments safely and with small effort!

  • You can pay easily and safely the invoices received via Kivra. The transactions are completed directly from our own bank account.

  • Every transaction is being verified with a bank codes app provided by your bank.
  • As a user of Kivra you don’t need to worry about forgotten payment due-dates or payment requests since our service reminds you of unhandled invoices.

  • After an invoice has been paid it will automatically be archived in an own company-specific folder – Therefore your old invoices will not get lost in Kivra!

You can pay your invoices in Kivra with the following banks:

Archive in one place

No longer lost contracts, insurance documents or guarantee receipts.

  • You can upload all your important documents in Kivra you wish to save.
  • You have access to your mobile archive whenever needed.
  • You can also print or share digitally the documents you have saved in Kivra.

Share your Kivra with others

With Kivra you can take care of everyday errands together – without thinking about distances.

  • By sharing your Kivra mailbox with another user you will both have access to the same documents.

  • The sharing function in Kivra requires acceptance from both parties. The payment of invoices is always completed safely from one’s own bank account.

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