Gather all your essential documents in Kivra

Start using Kivra

Gather all your essential documents in Kivra

Start using Kivra

Say goodbye to all lost paper invoices, tickets and other pieces of paper

With Kivra you can conveniently receive, pay and archive all your important documents as digital mail. You will always be notified when a new letter, ticket or invoice has arrived to your Kivra digital mailbox. We also remind of an unhandled invoice when the payment due-date is getting closer. By taking Kivra in use you will automatically receive your mail digitally from all the companies that are using Kivra’s service. Easy, smooth and climate friendly! Gather all your everyday-life’s important documents in Kivra

Share your Kivra with another person and take care of the errands together

With Kivra you can take care of invoices and other everyday errands together with people close to you or completely for them. You can for example help older people, such as parents, or share the common family expenses. It takes only a little moment to share the Kivra account and it can be done directly on the mobile device or with a computer.

Archive in Kivra – the mobile archive is always with you

You can archive all your important documents in Kivra: guarantee receipts, certifications and other documents. Take a photo of the document in the app – after that you have always access to the document wherever you are. The invoices can be found conveniently in the archive arranged by the sender company.

This way you can take Kivra in use

It takes only a little moment to take Kivra in use. After the registration the login to the service will be done with a code that you receive on your phone. A fingerprint identification can be alternatively installed as a login method.

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  • 1 Download the Kivra app on your phone. You can also use the Kivra service on a web browser.
  • 2 Create your own Kivra ID. You only need the online bank codes or mobile ID.
  • 3 After the registration you will start to receive your invoices and other documents via Kivra. The use of the Kivra service is completely cost free.
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Receive the world’s first climate positive mail

We compensate for our climate emissions by 110 percent – By using Kivra you are doing good for the environment! Our goal is to reduce the environmental burden, caused by the paper mail, to a third of the current situation. We are doing it together with you and the other users of Kivra as well as with the sender companies.

Mail for you and millions of others – we have with us a constantly growing crowd of senders

Let your customers choose climate positive digital post

Join the group of senders at Kivra

A smoother everyday life – read your latest news

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