Climate responsibility

We are the first in the world that offers climate positive digital mail

In Finland over 500 million paper documents are being delivered yearly. Each one of them are too much for our climate. We at Kivra want to, together with companies and people, build a more climate responsible and safe society by offering a digital service that makes it easier to take care of everyday errands.

The digital mail of Kivra is Climate Positive certificated. We have compensated 110% of our carbon footprint.

Climate topics are the most important topics in the world. We cannot avoid that. Without clean air life at Earth is impossible. Luckily there are a lot of companies and people, and together we can get fast clear results by doing responsible choices every day.

Kivra has only a little part of the entire puzzle but when we act together, and everyone takes part of this act, the puzzle will in the end become really good.

We hope to embrace other companies to become even more active on achieving a more climate positive situation. We manage to do this by taking responsibility of our business as well as with the certification of being climate positive. This way we can offer our clients the possibility of a carbon footprint reduction but at the same time develop the positive climate influence by co-operating with us.

What does it mean to be climate positive or having the Climate Positive certification?

Climate Positive is an international, standardized climate certificate that is based on the certifications of ISO 14021:2017 and PAS 2060 (2014). In order for getting the Climate Positive certification for our product, a large-scale investigation and analyzation has been completed. The investigation tells the size of the carbon footprint that the service causes. Finally, a compensation of 110% has been done on order to help our climate. More about the Climate Positive certification can be found at the website of Clipop.org or at the mother company’s, Kivra AB’s, websites.

1. First the source and the size of the green house emission were collected and analyzed

The emissions are being calculated with the help of standard grounds of ISO 14067 and the green house emission protocol. The result is then being devided in three parts. Scope 1, 2 and 3. This means that the entire carbon footprint is calculated. Together with the Swedish mother company, we have used the service of the consultant company Uu0026We for building the analysis and the report.

2. Next we noticed the areas that need development

The analysis show where the biggest emissions come from. By recognizing where the biggest emissions are located we can navigate our operations in a way that reduce the emissions.

3. Finally, we compensate the emissions we have caused for the environment by 110%

We protect trees. The trees in the forrests sucks and bids the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We replace the emissions we have caused by 100% and add 10%.

We replace our climate burden by protecting forests

We replace all the emission we have caused to the climate and also add 10%. We do this by protecting forests in a protection project in Sumatra. Sumatra is an island located in Indonesia and that has suffered from palm oil production. By navigating our climate compensation to the protection of forests in Sumatra, our replacement has an even bigger impact that just the local environmental benefits. This way we are actively taking part in the revival of the climate by offering both to humans and animals a more pure air now and tomorrow.

We are navigating our support via the organization ZeroMission. Read more about the climate compensation and about the projects of ZeroMission.


Digital mail delivered via Kivra is climate positive by 110%.

Climate Positive – clipop.org