Take Kivra in use

After registering to the service, you can receive digital mail to Kivra from all companies that use Kivra. Easy, free of charge and good for the environment.

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  • 1 Download the Kivra app on your phone. You can also use the Kivra service on a web browser.
  • 2 Create your own Kivra ID. You only need the online bank codes or mobile ID.
  • 3 Ready! Your tickets will automatically arrive to Kivra within one day.

Receive Tiketti event tickets to Kivra with free of charge delivery

Download the Kivra app to your phone and you will automatically receive all new and also previous, still valid event tickets purchased from Tiketti delivered to Kivra.

When you download Kivra, you will receive your purchased event tickets during the same day to a service where you can easily find and use them when you are going to enjoy the event. Downloading and using Kivra is free of charge for consumers. You do not need to activate companies individually or contact corporate customer service.