Sustainability is in the core of our business

Our sustainabilty work in Kivra is based on acts that have positive impact on the climate, society and people. The more we do together the better we can create this positive impact.

Active work for having a positive impact on the climate

We are building a digital mail service for a safe delivery of documents all around Finland. Digital mail is reducing the climate emissions and harvest of woods that the production and delivery of paper mail is causing. We are protecting forests in order to save the diversity of nature and also for ensuring the existence of fresh air for the next generations. The carbon dioxide footprint of our service is already now very small (20 tCo2e) but our goal is to reduce it to as close to non-existing by our acts and choices.

We are building a digital mail service in Finland that is both accessible and safe

We appreciate the individuals’ right for their identity and data. We do not give nor sell the data to third parties. The service user owns all the documents that one has stored in the service, as well as the digital footprint that is caused by the use of the service. We are developing our service in line with the principals of equality and accessibility. Every person who has turned 15 years old and live in Finland has the possibility to take our service in use. The service use is free of cost and can be used in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Sustain, open and fare – Happy-Happy

In order to build a sustain and responsible digital mail service in Finland there needs to be an open co-operation with parties from both the private and public sector. For us the impartiality and fare partnership is a precondition for the operation. Our business is based on a transparent ecosystem with an open co-operation with different parties. The co-operation shall be build in a way that every party has the condition for success and also to get their own share of the value chain. We call this operation model with the name: Happy-Happy

We support the well-being of our staff by following a good way of leadership

We support each person of our staff with their personal development in their area of work. We make each individual’s personal growth possible by taking the personal needs and situations in count. We offer the keys for maintaining a good balance between work- and free time. We make this possible by providing e.g. sport- and culture benefits, wide health services, hybrid work model, flexible working time and providing work equipment of good quality and ergonomy. Good leadership as well as our work culture advances the equality and openness. Nobody is being discriminated in Kivra, we talk about things and intervene if necessary in the situation. We follow a good way of leadership.

Sustainability report 2021

We have analysed the entire carbon footprint of our service in accordance with the calculation formulas of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and in line with our ISO 14067:2018 environmental programme certificate. The carbon dioxide emissions that are caused in the production of our service is already now very small. Our goal is however to get the emissions to as close to non-existing as possible by different acts and good choices.

We have already during three years being calculating and analysing our climate burden

The carbon dioxide emissions that are caused in the production of our service is already now very small. Our goal is however to get the emissions to as close to non-existing as possible by different acts and good choices.
At the year 2019, Kivra’s carbon dioxide footprint was 75 tCo2e and at 2020 the number was 20 tCo2e. At the year 2021, our total carbon dioxide footprint was at the same level as it was in 2020, 20 tCo2 that is.

Concrete environmental goals lead our operations

As a digital mail service, it is not easy to reduce the carbon dioxide footprint. It requires commitment from our entire staff in the everyday life — For example how we commute, when are we meeting customers face-to-face, when do we travel abroad, are we working remotely or at the office, do we buy new or recycled things, how do we sort our waste, what do we eat or serve on different events and so on. Small choices made in the everyday life have a surprisingly large impact on our total carbon dioxide footprint when we are already now so close to being carbon neutral through our acts. Our own part of the carbon dioxide footprint is only 16 tCo2e if we didn’t count the part that comes from the employment pension fund units in scope 3.

We want to have a positive impact on the climate already now and not only after several years

Our service it self is doing good for the climate but only that is not enough for us. We want to do good acts for the climate in the places where these acts have the greatest impact on the entire globe. We compensate 110% the carbon dioxide footprint that is caused by our entire service. As our climate compensation destination, we have chosen Bujang Raba REDD+ nature conservation programme to conserve the rainforests on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia and to educate the local population.

Receive your mail digitally by taking Kivra in use

By using Kivra you are reducing your personal carbon dioxide footprint and also at the companies where you are a customer. When receiving your mail digitally you also reduce the amount of paper mail and the climate burden that is caused of the paper mail delivery.

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