Kivra’s services for employers

Kivra’s services for employers

Kivra offers services for employers – an environmentally friendly and accessible channel for all the documents employers send, such as payslips and other documents related to the employment relationship. Via Kivra, the employer is present and easily reachable in the employees everyday-life.

Safe and accessible

97,5% of payslips sent via Kivra are being read. Kivra’s service can be used both on a mobile device as well as on a web browser. The service meets the requirements of the AA-accessibility definition. The documents are stored in Kivra as property of the employee even after the employment agreement has ended. All the documents related to the employment agreement are GDPR-safely archived in one place. On the top of the device’s own protection, the login to Kivra requires always a password or biometric login.

Stronger employer image

The employer is a part of the digital mail, strongly present when the employee runs some consumer everyday errands. The company’s brand is strongly present in the employees everyday life when other mail and documents are gathered in one channel. The employer’s services and employee’s digital tools are easier to be accessed and the benefits of the investments are larger.

Supports the communication towards the staff

There is the possibility, on each document sent to Kivra, to inform the staff about new accurate news. For example, you can add a link to the document that navigates the employee directly to the company’s intranet.

Present in the employees everyday-life

Kivra helps you to gather all the documents, sent by the employer, in one secure channel. Payslips are found in the place where also other important everyday-life’s documents are located. They are found conveniently and it is also easy to return to them. The playslips are securely stored and they are saved in Kivra even after the employment agreement has expired.

Payslips delivered to Kivra are supporting the employer image and is a part of the communication towards the staff

Kivra’s services for employers offers an accessible channel for both payslips and also other documents. Each delivered document is a bridge between the company and the employee. There are visible spaces in the documents for communication towards the staff. It is easy for the employee to gather all the important documents in Kivra behind one login. All the important documents are found gathered in one place, no matter if the document is related to the work relationship or spare time. We at Kivra see the payslips as important tools but also as tools that are not fully utilised when it comes to improving the employer experience. There is potential in these positive messages to be developed to more informative documents. They also have potential to develop as a part of the employer image communication. We want to help the employer to get more benefits out of payslips as a part of the company’s brand communication.

Payslips are easily found in Kivra where also other important documents are gathered

Documents that are sent to Kivra serves both the employee and the employer

When everyday-documents are found easily and gathered in one place, people tend to return to them and read them more frequently. The employer’s communication methods become wider and the accessibility of the messages is improved. You can receive messages in Kivra but you can also upload own documents in the service. The documents are safely stored in Kivra and they are found easily when needed. The employer is more positively present via Kivra in the employer’s everyday-life and also reachable when needed. There is a possibility to add service links in each payslip which helps to communicate with the employer or contact them.

Partners that deliver payslips via Kivra


Every client at Apix has the possibility to send payslips and other employer documents as digital post via Kivra.

Postnord Strålfors

Kivra is one of the delivery channels to choose between in the We Mail service. The service can be taken in use by making an agreement with PostNord Strålfors. After the agreement, payslips and other post is deliverable via Kivra.


Companies can send payslips and other documents to consumers via Kivra with CGI:s invoice delivery service.

Netbox Finland

Netbox Finland delivers, among other documents, their customers’ payslips to consumers via Kivra.

98% of payslips delivered to Kivra are opened

The employee receives a message on the phone when a payslip has arrived in Kivra. This makes it easy to go and read the payslip and return to it if necessary.

An archive for documents that is always with you

The documents are stored in Kivra even when the employment agreement has ended. This way the documents are with you when needed, for example when you apply for benefits, loan or unemployment refunds.

A new channel where to follow the employer communication

It is easy to move from Kivra, with the help of a link in the documents, to the company’s HR portal to run errands. The documents are easily found in Kivra’s serivce even after a very long time because the documents are found in the employer’s own file.

As a part of the everyday-life

All documents related to the work relationship are gathered in on place where even other everyday-life documents are stored. There is no need to learn to use some new app or system that might be limited for only HR matters.