Kivra’s services for cities, municipalities and wellbeing services counties

Kivra’s services for cities, municipalities and wellbeing services counties

It is easy for municipalities, cities and wellbeing services counties to digitalize the mail with Kivra, such as invoices and communication letters, without any large integration projects or investments. We help the private and public sectors to improve the communication towards the citizens by offering a cost-efficient and safe platform where documents can be delivered. The service makes it easy to handle the documents and it is a great way to communicate via Kivra to the citizens.

Cost savings by digitalizing the invoicing

Each invoice, payment request and other mail delivered as digital mail brings savings already from the first document. Documents find surely and correctly their way to Kivra and they are read and paid fast. When the municipal citizen is using Kivra they receive automatically all the senders mail to Kivra. This way a major part of non-frequently sent documents are also being digitalized.

An accessible digital mail service that suits everyone

Kivra is a data secure and accessible service that makes it also possible for people to act of somebody’s behalf. Kivra has been audited to be an accessible service. The service functions in three languages, works on a web browser and mobile app and is available for everyone who is at least 15 years old.

A stronger relationship towards the municipal citizens

The cities, municipalities and wellbeing services counties are even more present in Kivra in the citizens every-day life. There are own folders for each sender in Kivra, and the citizen always runs the errand in the sender’s own folder. It is also possible to move conveniently to the sender’s own digital platforms.

You can raise the digital level of invoicing, reminders and bookings with the help of Kivra

The digital mail service Kivra makes it possible for citizens to receive and store safely their mail, sent by the public and private sectors, all gathered in a service that is easy to use. Documents that can be sent as digital mail can be for example invoices, documents, informative messages and booking notifications — all of these gathered digitally and conveniently to one place. The benefits of starting to use digital mail are massive for municipalities and wellbeing services counties. The cost-savings are formed especially when the processes become more efficient and thanks to the reduction of paper mail.

There are already dozens of municipalities and wellbeing services counties that have chosen Kivra as their partner.

95% of the digital mail sent to Kivra is being read

42 % of the digital mail sent to Kivra is opened on the arrival date

65 % of the invoices sent as digital mail are being paid before the due-date

A concrete way to achieve the climate goals for cities, municipalities and wellbeing services counties

Kivra’s digital mail saves the nature and supports the mission to reach the climate goals. The more municipal citizens switch from paper mail to digital channels, the more they reduce both their personal and the sender’s carbon footprint. For example, when 100 000 paper envelopes are sent as digital mail, the climate benefits are 1 tCo2e, which is 19 saved trees.

It is both cost-efficient and effective for the sender to deliver digital mail

It is both easy and fast for companies and organizations to take Kivra into use

All companies, organizations and communities that are sending documents or invoices to their consumer-customers can use Kivra. There are already 40 000 companies, cities, municipalities and wellbeing services counties that send via Kivra digital mail to their customers. It is easy to start using Kivra, either via an existing invoice operator or as a direct interface with Kivra. We help you to form the communication towards your staff about starting to use Kivra. We also arrange a Kivra-info for your staff.

A new channel where to be updated about communication from cities, municipalities and wellbeing services counties

It is easy for the municipal citizen to continue from Kivra with a link to the sender’s own sites to run errands. The documents are found easily even after a long time, archived in the sender’s own branded folder.

Part of the every-day life

All the sent documents are gathered in the same place where all the other important documents are also gathered. The receiver doesn’t need to learn to use a new application or system only because of one sender.

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