Kivra as a company

Kivra as a company

We are in Finland for building, together with our partners, a safe and sustainable digital mail system.
Our future Vision is to create a digital mail service in Finland that gathers all the information and documents in one safe mail box, as they are now fragmented in different channels. We make the everyday-life easier for consumers and senders as well as save nature by delivering digitally letters, contracts, tickets, invoices and other everyday-life related documents.

About us

Kivra has been founded in the end of the year 2018. The digital mail service of Kivra has been in use by consumers and companies since the beginning of the year 2020. Our successful journey started in Sweden in 2011 where Kivra is today the market leader as a digital mail service. The main owners of Finland’s Kivra Oy are Telia Company, Resurs and Kivra Ab.

The key to our success is the competent staff

Our company’s most important resource is our competent and motivated staff. ‘Kivranians’, as we call them in English, form Kivra. There are in total around 140 people developing our service in Finland and Sweden.

Sustain, open and fare co-operation

Our internal motto is: happy–happy. That means that we encourage co-operative models that bring profit to all parties. These are the end-users, sender companies, our own company and also the society and climate. We measure and report the carbon dioxide footprint that is caused by the total delivery chain. We encourage our partners to actively do acts for a sustain society and climate.

Active work for the climate

Kivra’s whole existence is based on climate sustainability. We build, together with our partners, digital mail that makes possible to deliver a free-of-paper, safe and realtime related delivery of letters and documents. That way there will be a decrease of paper production, harvest of woods as well as the disadvantages that are caused by delivery of paper mail. Forests are also saved as effective carbon sinks. We protect forests in order to save the diversity of nature and to ensure a pure climate also for the next generations.

Contact information

Ilari Abdeen
040 5197678

Tony Träskelin

050 3554553

Reetta Mäkinen
050 4943221

Maija Leivo
Marketing and Communications
050 5222322

Sustainability is in the core of our operation

It is not something new that companies want to do good acts in the business world. The word ‘company sustainability’ is however a rather young expression. The expression has lately started to cover a larger meaning and more specific information. We hope the understanding of sustainability will expand it self even more in the future, although right now we have four themes in focus.

Climate sustainability is in our DNA

Climate sustainability is not built up by itself. In order for the company to build up climate sustainability the company needs to network and be able to co-operate. That is why we co-operate with, among others, Planet Company and We are constantly looking for new companies to co-operate with that are aiming for the same goal. Every digital mail that has been delivered via Kivra is decreasing both the sender company’s and the consumer’s carbon dioxide footprint.

We have the responsibility of our staff

We support our staff’s development at each and everyone’s area of expertise. We offer keys for maintaining a good balance between working time and free time. A good way of leadership and our work culture advances equality and openness. We follow a good way of leadership.

A staff that are doing and feeling well and are motivated, together with our shared values, are the key for Kivra’s success.

We are participating in the work of advancing the society and people’s equality

We are building a sustain and functional digital mail system in Finland together with parties from both the private and public sector. We think that every person living in Finland has the right for a safe and accessible mail, and that is what we want to offer to them.

We are advancing a fare co-operation model that encourages for sustainabilty

We are advancing sustainable solutions and co-operation models where the society, climate and all parties are getting their profit. We are measuring, analysing and following the carbon dioxide impact that is caused by our delivery chain. We are also encouraging our partners to actively do different acts for the society and climate.