Kivra’s sustainability

Kivra’s sustainability

We are building a sustain, accessible and secure digital mail service in Finland. The more digital mail is delivered and received, the greater the positive impact is for the environment, climate and consumer’s everyday life.

We devide our company responsibility in three areas:

1. Society responsibility

2. Climate responsibility

3. Social responsibility

Kivra’s resposibility for the society

We promote accessible and secure digital mail in Finland

Through active dialogue with societal stakeholders, we promote people’s rights to receive their mail securely and quickly as digital mail in the channel of their choice, without long processing steps and environmentally burdensome logistics.

We protect the user’s right to their own data

We value individuals’ rights to their own digital identity and data. We do not sell or transfer Kivra users’ data to third parties. The service user owns all the documents stored in the service and the data trail generated from using the service.

We promote accessibility and equality

We develop our service in accordance with principles of equality and accessibility. Every person over 15 years old with Finnish bank credentials has the opportunity to use our service for free in Finnish, Swedish, and English.

Kivra’s mobile application was audited for accessibility by a third party in June 2021. The mobile application meets the AA level of the Accessibility Directive (WCAG 2.1).

We support youth mobility in society

For the third year, we support children’s and youth’s floorball activities through Salibandyn Tuki Ry. Youth inactivity is a growing problem in our society, and we want to do our part to enable youth to be active. We donate €0.50 from each F-Liiga ticket delivered via Kivra to Salibandyn Tuki Ry to be distributed to floorball clubs to support young people in need.

We support family diversity and care in a digitalizing society

Digital services must adapt to societal needs. As the population ages, digital services should also be usable together. We want to enable our service to be used collaboratively with family or friends. In Kivra, users can share folders with chosen individuals and manage bills or other documents together.

We promote sustainable, open, and fair cooperation — Happy-Happy

Building sustainable and responsible digital mail in Finland requires open cooperation between private and public sector actors. For us, neutrality and fair partnership are prerequisites for our business.

We base our business model on a transparent ecosystem and open cooperation between different actors. The collaboration must be structured so that every party has the opportunity to succeed and receive their share of the value chain.

We call this operating model ‘Happy-Happy’.

Kivra’s Climate Responsibility

The more digital mail delivered to consumers through Kivra, the greater its positive impact on the environment.

According to calculations for 2023, Kivra’s carbon footprint is 20 tCO2e. This is a reduction from 2022, when it was 29 tCO2e.

The volume of digital mail deliveries has increased over the year. Kivra’s total carbon footprint is likely to grow in the future as Kivra expands as a company and its staff increases. The more digital mail delivered through Kivra, the greater the positive environmental impact, and relatively, Kivra’s carbon footprint as a company will decrease. As Kivra’s business grows, it produces a positive climate impact by reducing tree cutting for paper production, postal delivery traffic, and the handling of paper mail. Kivra’s carbon handprint was 40.1 tCO2e in 2023, as Kivra reduced this amount of carbon dioxide emissions from paper mail deliveries.

Digital Mail — The carbon footprint of delivering one digital mail through Kivra in 2023 = 25.6g CO2e

Paper Letter — The average carbon footprint of delivering one paper letter = 67.1g CO2e

We calculate and analyze our carbon footprint annually and actively engage in good deeds for the benefit of the climate and society

We calculate, report, and analyze the carbon footprint generated by our service production annually.

We have calculated and analyzed our carbon footprint for four years since the founding of Kivra Finland. The carbon footprint generated by our service production is very low, but we strive through active daily actions both to further reduce our carbon footprint and to increase our positive impact on society by increasing the amount of digital mail in Finland.

Kivra’s carbon footprint is calculated in accordance with Greenhouse Gas Protocol standards, considering scopes 1, 2, and 3. We account for 11 out of 15 categories within Scope 3.

The calculations have been made in collaboration with NGS Finland, a company specialized in climate calculations and consulting.

Kivra’s carbon footprint mainly consists of three Scope 3 categories:

The fund portions of the employment pension insurance contributions

In Finland, it is not very common to include the fund portions of employment pension insurance contributions as part of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol-based carbon footprint calculation. However, for transparency, we have also included the climate impact of our employment pension insurance company Veritas’ fund investments in the Scope 3 investments section, according to the size of the TyEL contributions. (Specific figure 44.8%)

Business travel of personnel

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of business trips has slightly increased. However, most business trips are conducted via remote connections. We offer the possibility to work in a hybrid model and encourage our staff to travel by public transport, bicycles, and electric vehicles. (Specific figure 19.7%)

Procurement of supplies

As the number of Kivra’s personnel increases, we also need electronic devices for the staff to carry out their work. The procurement of devices as well as other supplies acquired during the last year, such as physical marketing materials, constituted a part of Kivra’s total carbon footprint in 2023. (Specific figure 16.2%)

Social responsibility – our responsibility towards Kivra’s employees

Our staff, or Kivra employees, are the cornerstone of our entire business. Without a well-being and motivated group of Kivra employees, we would not be able to produce and develop sustainable and secure digital mail in Finland. Our shared values and our desire to build a sustainable society guide our collective efforts every day of the year.

We support the professional development of our staff

We support the development of our staff in their areas of expertise by enabling skill enhancement in a personalized manner, taking into account individual needs and circumstances.

We support and maintain the well-being and work-life balance of our personnel

We provide the keys to maintaining well-being and achieving work-life balance through various means such as sports and cultural benefits, comprehensive occupational health services, a hybrid work model, flexible working hours, and ergonomic and high-quality work tools.

We promote equality and openness in communication and leadership

Good leadership and our company culture promote equality and openness. At Kivra, nobody is discriminated against, and everyone should be able to express themselves freely. We base our approach on open communication and addressing issues when necessary.

We regularly assess the work ability and workload of our staff

We assess our staff’s workload and motivation four times a year through work capacity surveys. These surveys help us ensure the well-being of our staff, maintain motivation, and improve the quality of leadership.

We promote an open and competence-based recruitment culture

In Kivra, recruitment involves not only the hiring manager but also team members and possibly other stakeholders. This ensures an equal and competence-based recruitment culture.

We adhere to good and responsible governance

We adhere to good governance by using our shareholders’ investment assets responsibly. We promote a fair and encouraging leadership culture. We comply with laws, regulations, and reporting models.

Receive your mail digitally by using Kivra

By using Kivra, you reduce your own and the carbon footprint of companies you interact with by reducing the environmental impact caused by paper mail and its transportation.

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