Kivra’s Customer Service in Finland

Kivra’s Customer Service in Finland

Frequently asked questions

Can’t login to Kivra?
I cannot open my event ticket in Kivra?
How do I get event tickets to my Kivra?
How do I get the event tickets to my Kivra that are bought earlier?
Does the delivery of event tickets to Kivra cost something?

Contact information for Kivra’s customer support in Sweden can be found here.

Instruction videos

On our YouTube channel you can find instruction videos on how to use the Kivra service. The videos are by a theme, such as “This way you can pay an invoice in Kivra”.

Is there a specific instruction video you would like us to create? Tell us about it by sending email to

Chatbot 24/7

Kivra’s chatbot serves every day 24/7. The chatbot helps you by answering on the most typical questions regarding Kivra.

Did the chatbot not answer your question? Send us an email via the chatbot, we will reply to you on the following working day (Mon-Fri).


We serve on the phone on weekdays, on Mondays between 10AM and 4PM, Tuesday – Friday, between 9AM and 4PM. There is the possibility to leave us a voice mail or call back request.

We record the phone calls in order to maintain the quality of our service, as well for educational purposes. The recorded phone calls are deleted from our system after 3 months. Privacy Policy for Customer Service

If the matter is about user information we will start the phone call by identifying the customer.


We reply on emails on weekdays, Monday – Friday.

You can contact us via email for example with these kind of matters:

-Overall guidance of how to use the Kivra service
-Feedback & development suggestions

We only handle customer cases via phone calls when the case concerns user information. In matters concerning invoice content, please contact the organization that sent you the invoice.

Our customer service is closed on the following days during the year 2024:

  • Midsummer Eve (Friday 21.6.)