Kivra is a digital mail service for consumers to run their errands digitally with companies or organizations. Our goal is, together with the private and public sectors, to build a sustain, responsible and accessible digital platform in Finland where people can run digitally their everyday errands. Every digitally delivered mail reduces the carbon dioxide footprint of your company. It also makes the mail delivery faster and more cost effective.

Both companies and organizations from all industies can deliver digital mail to their consumer customers to Kivra

There are already 40 000 companies, cities, municipalities and wellbeing services counties that send to their customers digital mail via Kivra. The digital mail service Kivra is a fast and safe way to deliver digitally mail to customers. It also strengthens the customer relationship and the brand image. You can read on this site why companies want to offer their customers an easy and responsible channel where to receive the mail.

Services for cities, municipalities and wellbeing services counties

Read how the digital mail service Kivra brings cost savings and strengthens the relationship towards the municipal citizens.

Services for employers

Read how you can send all employment related documents, such as payslips, as accessible digital mail to Kivra.

Services for unions and clubs

Read how you can, with Kivra, digitalize member cards and invoices, and at the same time reach the members cost-efficiently.

95% of the digital mail sent to Kivra is being read

42 % of the digital mail sent to Kivra is opened on the arrival date

65 % of the invoices sent as digital mail are being paid before the due-date

Kivra supports companies’ strategies towards a responsible way, to run errands digitally

You can send your customers with Kivra all the documents you would otherwise send them via papermail, SMS, a portal, online bank, email or other services. Digital mail is a secure and fast way to deliver mail electronically to customers while strengthening at the same time the customer relationship and brand image.

You can deliver with Kivra for example:

*Agreements and confirmations
*Informative messages
*Invoices and payment requests
*Guarantee receipts
*Pension records
*Membership cards

Provide your customers a convenient way to run errands and smooth communication with the help of digital mail

With the help Kivra Campaigns sender services, you can change the passive paper mail into active digital mail. Digital mail is more cost efficient and is strengthening the customer relationship. Each document sent as digital mail is a bridge between your company and the customer.

The Kivra Campaigns sender services contains, for example:

*An own front page with your company’s brand
*Active banner spaces attached in the sent digital mail
*Measurable results of each campaign

Digital mail securely and accessibly

You can send, with the help of Kivra, secure and accessible digital mail. GDPR and Data Privacy steers Kivras actions. The users of the service owns their own data and all the content that they upload in their Kivra. The Kivra service can be used both on a browser and on a mobile app. Kivra suits all different age groups and skills of digital services since it is easy to use.

Pay invoices correctly and on time

Invoices are getting paid correctly and on time. The payment happens as a transaction directly from the bank account with the help of PSD2 payment interface without any separate payment cards or transaction days. Invoices and other mail is delivered safely and fast as digital mail.

A climate responsible choice

Digital mail delivered with Kivra has a positive impact on the climate as it reduces the climate burden caused by paper mail delivery. On the top of this we have climate compensated the entire climate burden that is caused by the use and production of the service with 110%.

Strengthen the customer experience

With the help of Kivra, each and every confluence with your customer strengthens the company’s brand image and the customer relationship. Invoices and other documents transform into positive confluences. Kivra Campaigns sender services helps you to transform the traditional digital mail into an interactive part of the customer’s journey, as they run errands. The service provides you also measurable results.

Count how many trees can be saved with digital mail

Around one million documents are being sent yearly to consumers in Finland. Paper’s part of this is still over 50%. Switching to digital mail is a concrete and great way to protect the climate and it also supports your company’s climate strategy. Count with our climate calculator how many trees can be saved with digital mail.

Fill in the yearly amount of sent paper invoices*
0.5 tCO2e
9 saved trees
2215 kilometres driven with a car
*1 invoice contains 3 units of A4 pages
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Deliver payslips easily to your staff as accessible digital mail

Make your company’s payslips easily accessible for your staff and deliver them as digital mail to Kivra.

Digital payslips in Kivra are:

*Over 98% are being read and very fast – thanks to the notification of each delivered content
*Archived in an own file with your company’s brand
*As a part of building the employer image and communication to the staff
*Accessible for your staff also after the employment has ended

It is both easy and fast for companies and organizations to take Kivra into use

All companies, organizations and communities that are sending documents or invoices to their consumer-customers can use Kivra. There are already 40 000 companies, cities, municipalities and wellbeing services counties that send via Kivra digital mail to their customers. It is easy to start using Kivra, either via an existing invoice operator or as a direct interface with Kivra. We help you to form the communication towards your staff about starting to use Kivra. We also arrange a Kivra-info for your staff.

The following partners, among others, offer Kivra to their B2B customers

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By enabling your customers to choose Kivra, your company will reduce its invoicing expenses and carbon footprint, in addition to improving customer retention. In Kivra, your company is present in its customers’ daily lives. Ask us to contact you, and we will get back to you shortly.